So, here I am.  I have decided to start this blog to test out some diets, I am going to be trying out one new diet a week and posting my results, so each week, there will be a new diet, a new lifestyle, and hopefully a new Jenn!  To start things off, I am going with the 5-day apple diet:

Today, I can only eat apples for the day, for the most part, I am surviving, drinking lots of water and I got some exercise in today too!  Tomorrow, I get a little more variety, I get to have a salad at lunch time.

This morning I was 165.5 pounds and my goal is to get down to 125 pounds, since I am only on a diet for a week at a time, I figured that I won’t get too frustrated from week to week.

The last change that I have decided to make is to only weigh myself before the start of a new diet and when the day after the diet is over.  So I will be only posting one weight loss with each diet.

Off I go, need to have another couple of apples…


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