5 Day Apple Diet – Day 2

Day 2 of the apple diet is going well, today I was supposed to have a green salad, 2 carrots and a quarter of an onion for lunch, however, I only ended up eating the carrots, my issue with this diet so far is that they don’t say how big your portion sizes are, they say things life have a moderate amount of apples for breakfast, then at lunch a green salad and 2 carrots – well I had some pretty big carrots, I prefer diets that tell me exactly the serving sizes, that way I know I’m not inadvertently cheating.

I did buy a variety of different apples, Paula Red apples, Granny smith apples and macs, but it is a little monotonous, and I am looking forward to my one slice of multigrain bread with a slice of chicken bacon in the morning!

My last issue is that I haven’t, well….gone, yet… I don’t want to totally get in to it, but seriously you would think that eating nothing but apples for 2 days would be good for that, right?  Maybe it has something to do with the carrots…hmmm…

By this evening, I was a little light headed, not really hungry, since I am pretty much eating an apple if I am hungry, but I did an extra work out this evening, so that may be the cause of that.

I also haven’t gotten on the scale, this might not seem like much, but as soon as I am on one diet or another, I am constantly weighing myself, every single day, and I do get very frustrated with the ups and downs of my weight loss, so I am trying very hard to only weigh myself after each diet.

Ok, off I go, gotta get ready for some sleep!


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