5-Day Apple Diet – Day 3

So day 3, well, it’s going, I’m hungrier today than I was yesterday.  I might even need to buy more apples to finish this off…Last night I didn’t sleep well, I had heard that apples have small amounts of caffeine in them, I’m now wondering if that is true or not, on the plus side –  I did finally “go” this morning.  Today I am a little more tired, but it was likely because I tossed and turned most of the night.  Overall, I feel good, and I kept my workout light this morning in order to avoid feeling light headed.

Day 3 was the same as day two but I got some additional eats for breakfast, I got to add a slice of multi grain bread, and a slice on chicken bacon, I toasted the bread and then cut my chicken bacon in half and tried to cover the entire piece of bread, then I had my apple.  Lunch was the same as yesterday, and I had the same lunch as yesterday, just had the carrots, one large one instead of 2 even though they don’t specify the size.  Dinner, just the apples, which I have only been having one large Paula red, I use the small, ok well, medium sized granny smiths for snacking.

Tomorrow is exciting for lunch I get to have a raw vegetable salad not sure of the amount, I will assume limitless…and either lean roast beef or skinned chicken (200g) they actually put in an amount for that one.  🙂


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