5-Day Apple Diet – Day 4

Day four of the apple diet went well this morning, I had another piece of chicken bacon with my multi-grain bread, it says to have a slice of low fat bacon, but seriously, that is two packages of bacon with only one slice taken out of each of them, so I used the same chicken bacon as the day before.  I slept well last night, but I was very hungry when I went to bed, I heard that it is good to go to bed hungry, and I felt fine this morning, so maybe it is a good thing.

I kept my work out light again this morning.  And so far I haven’t worked out this evening, and I will likely be hitting the sheets once I finish this up.

I did “go” once today, so that is a plus.

Today I was allowed to have 200 g of chicken, I cooked up chicken breast and lightly seasoned it with some herbs and spices, and 200g is quite a bit once I weighed it out, I only had 186 g in total, and couldn’t finish it, I also had a raw veggie salad, it included broccoli, cauliflower and carrots, and yes, I had an apple.

I did have to go out and buy more apples so that I could get through dinner today and all day tomorrow, in total, I bought approximately 30 apples, I do have kids that ate some of them and I may have some left over after buying another 8 today, but it was quite a few apples.

I am a little irritable today, but that could be a whole other story, however, I am normally very positive and I’m not one to be irritable, so it could be the lack of food on this diet, though today, I had the most food allowed on this diet.  Hmmm..

I am excited that tomorrow is my last day, and on Saturday morning, I will weigh in and figure out what diet to start next.

Off I go for now, clean up a bit and get to bed…Need to get ready for the last day of the 5-day Apple Diet.


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