5-Day Apple Diet – Day 5

Everybody give me a “hell ya” for making it to day 5 of the apple diet, for me personally, I think anyone can do 3-5 days without cheating, but anything longer…well, life happens…

Last night I slept well, and I got up early, but didn’t exercise at all, I just started watching Grey’s Anatomy on Netflix, on Monday, and normally I work out while watching, doing crunches, butt lifts, super girls, squats, lunges, planks and some skipping and jogging on the spot, today I just sat on my couch and watched.

This morning for breakfast I got to have a boiled egg and a slice of multi-grain bread along with my apple.  That really is the perfect amount of food, I feel good and don’t feel hungry.

Today for lunch, skinned chicken breast and boiled veggies, which I am kind of excited for to be honest.  I also need to get that apple in.

For dinner I had a couple, apples, and tomorrow will be weigh-in day, I am really interested in knowing how much weight was lost in the last 5 days

Today, I didn’t “go” and I am surprised that this diet is keeping me more regular, but I guess it is what it is…

Ok, off I go, can’t wait to weigh in tomorrow morning and post my results!


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