5-Day Apple Diet Results

It is results day!!  I am excited to announce that I lost 5.5 pounds on the 5-day apple diet.  Not bad for 5 days, right?  Over all the diet was easy enough, it went well, I was a little irritable and a little hungry most nights when I went to bed, but it wasn’t hard to keep up with this diet, again, I feel like anything that is only 3-5 days should be relatively easy to stick to.  I didn’t “go” as much as I would have liked, but over all, I’m not in any pain, and I feel good.

Today the kids and I are off to visit family near Smiths Falls and staying for the weekend, there will be some good food and I will likely be imbibing a little, I am going to try to keep my carbs low for the weekend, and make healthy choices, the key word here is “try” I don’t have a lot of will power and I am a bit of a glutton, so I’m going to just try to make healthy choices.

I haven’t fully decided what diet I am going to try next week, I was thinking of the lemon detox diet with food, however, I have dinner plans next Saturday, and don’t know if I can incorporate it – I know that I could show some restraint when out for dinner, but come on, get real…There is also the 3-day diet, but I was looking for something that would take me another 5-days.  I’ll scour the internet and fill you in on Sunday.

Off I go to pack and get ready for the trip, have a great weekend!  🙂


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