The Weekend

Ok, so I did way more eating and imbibing then I thought I would and I pretty much polished off a bag of chocolate covered cherries on my own.  Why do I do that?  Just because I was out with family, and having a good time, why is food so special to each event, or why do I make the food the most special thing in the event?  Even if I am not dieting on a weekend, I need to learn to chill, and stop making food such a priority, like I haven’t seen it in a lifetime and have been starving all my life.

I did some diet hunting tonight and I am still going to go with the lemon detox diet even though I have dinner plans for Friday night, I am going to do the lemon detox with food option:

For this diet, the first day is fruits and vegetables, the next day is 3L of orange juice with maple syrup. (weird, right?) on the 3rd and 4th day I have to drink the lemonade concoction, with cayenne and maple syrup and then the fifth day – back on the orange juice, I do have a dinner that night, and I am not making any promises (I know me, and you are now starting to know me) but I am going to try to eat relatively clean (steak and veggies, or salad no dressing type meal) and no beer – this will be a big one, my girl friends and I have been meeting once a month for dinner, and I always have something bad, with a dessert and a beer….so again, no promises, but we’ll see.  The day after (day 6) will be all veggies again, and depending how much I hate myself and how motivated I still am from going out for dinner will determine how I well I handle veggies only on a Saturday.

Tomorrow morning I will weigh in, and I will probably be back up the 5.5 pounds I lost on the apple diet, but that’s ok, because I have the opportunity to take it all of again this week.

Off, I go, gotta prepare for another Monday!


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