Lemonade Detox Diet – Day 1

I should start by saying if you read my blog and read what I wrote yesterday, I stated that I was going to the Lemonade Detox Diet with Food, I have actually changed my mind…I am doing just the lemonade detox diet, which means I am only drinking the lemonade, and also doing the salt water flush.  http://www.stylecraze.com/articles/the-lemonade-detox-diet-a-simple-recipe-for-weight-loss

This morning and this afternoon, I won’t lie, I was pretty hungry, and the lemonade is very spicy because of the cayenne pepper, I can see how people wouldn’t like it, and it isn’t something I’d want to drink everyday, but for the purpose of the diet, I am sipping it when necessary.  Though I made the 2 litres that I was required to drink today, I only ended up drinking about half that, I decided I won’t be making more till I am finished what I have, which means I am only taking in a litre a day instead of 2, I don’t know if there will be any difference, but I will keep track of how much I am drinking daily

In regards to this salt water flush, it says, and I quote “The major reason for following this diet at home is because within an hour of drinking the salt water flush, one will experience a bowel movement lasting for about 30 to 60 minutes. It is more preferable to prepare the salt water flush in the evening.”

30-60 minutes?!?!  What the hell??  Ok, so I did the salt water flush, over an hour ago I might add, and I haven’t gone yet, though, I am getting a little crampy here and there, almost as if I am going to be ready soon, but I’m not ready yet.

I should add that I have my monthly visitor this week, yes, Aunt Red is in town, so this may affect my results.

Oh yeah, my weight, I was so disappointed in myself this morning, you have no idea…My start weight is 164, and yes, if you have been keeping track, I was 165.5 when I started the 5-Day Apple Diet, and last Friday I was down 5.5 pounds and yes, if you know your math, I put back on all but a pound and a half, a full 4 pounds this weekend.  What’s wrong with me?

So far this diet is going well, they say to do this diet for 3-10 days, my dinner as it turns out is on Saturday, so I am going to try to do this for a full 5 days, and this weekend my goal is to eat right and make good choices.

Off I go, I think I might be ready…hopefully this doesn’t take a whole hour!


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