3 – Day Military Diet – Day 3

It sure got late fast tonight, I have been a little lazy today, I didn’t work out tonight, but I also didn’t cheat on the diet, I did substitute a cup of dry tuna for chicken – skinless, boneless, and it was one of the substitutions on the list.

This diet has been, for the most part, tolerable, today, the diet is rather light on food, and I am a little hungry, for breakfast I had 5 saltine crackers, a small apple and 30 g of cheddar cheese.  They say 1 slice, and I really think they mean a serving, the reason why I think this so is on day 2 lunch you are supposed to have a cup of cottage cheese, however, the substitution is one “slice” cheddar cheese, so I have been going with the 30g serving, as I think that makes sense.

Then for lunch it was one boiled egg and a slice of bread – I had my multi-grain bread.  But I was feeling a bit hungry after lunch and had lots of water to combat the hunger pangs, and then for dinner, I got to have 4 ounces of chicken as I mentioned earlier, along with 1/2 a banana and 1 cup of vanilla ice cream, I finished eating by 7 and have not had anything since.

Now, I do have an issue, and this could be because of the detox diet and how much I “went” on that diet, but, I haven’t “gone” on this diet yet.  I was going to take a laxative tonight, but it is a little late now, so my hope is that I go before I weigh in tomorrow morning.

I am curious to see how much weight is dropped even though I had that bad day – I know, I know, let it go, right?  I’m trying.

Off I go, can’t wait to see what the scale says in the morning!


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