3-Day Military Diet – Results

Good morning, world!  Yesterday was the last day of my 3-day Military Diet and I lost 4 pounds, I was 162 when I started and I am down to 158, I broke into the 50’s yay!!

Overall, the military diet is relatively easy to follow, my tip is to put everything you can have on a plate and sit to eat it like a meal, don’t just snack on each item (except the bananas and ice cream) those I ate after the meal type foods and sometimes I waited till later in the evening for the ice cream.

I am going to do this diet again in the future as I messed up that first day good, and I want to explore the full effects if I did it correctly and when I was prepared for it.

Today, I am going to try my best to take it easy though I do have dinner with the girls tonight, and starting tomorrow, I am going on a 7 day diet, there is the heart diet, the miracle cabbage soup diet, the GM diet and they are all very similar, so I am going to decide which diet today and then start that one on Sunday till next Saturday.  My weigh in will be tomorrow morning, and hopefully I don’t mess that up too much today.

Off, I go, need to take my daughter to work!  Have a good day everyone, make healthy choices!


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