GM Diet – Day 2

Today was a good day, though, I was far more hungry than on the all fruit day, it was a little harder than the day before, but I did get through it!  I am looking forward to tomorrow where I get to eat fruits and veggies!

Today I had one large carrot cut into sticks, celery sticks and cucumbers cut into spears, this was my breakfast and my lunch, the diet says that I can have a baked or boiled potato today for breakfast, and I thought, bah, I don’t need the potato, I will be fine…I feel like there is a lot to be said for that potato…oh well, next time when I do the beef version of this diet I will remember that.  Maybe.

For dinner I had cooked broccoli, zucchini (I think my friends in the US call this summer squash) (fried with a little Pam and salt) and green beans, that was quite filling and I felt good the rest of the evening.

Today, again, I did a lot of peeing and I did “go” today, likely from all the fruit yesterday.

I did get to work out for about 30 minutes today, and got a good sweat going.  This diet is much easier than the 3 previous diets so far, however, wait till Banana Day and Tomato Day and then I’ll tell you what I really think!

Off I go, gotta do the dishes before I get to bed!


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