GM Diet – Day 5

Today was the dreaded tomato day, and it didn’t go nearly as bad as I thought it would, I wasn’t hungry, I had plenty of tomatoes, and I had to pee a lot.  I was supposed to have 1 cup of rice for lunch but my day on the road was really long, so I ended up having my cup of rice for dinner.  I believe that I had about 6 tomatoes today which was what was required.  I also had a lot of water.  It says to have 12-15 glasses today as there is a lot of uric acid built up from the diet at this time.

Tomorrow, I believe that I get another cup of rice at lunch time, and it shouldn’t be a problem to have it at lunch tomorrow as I have left overs from today.

I am trying to remember if I actually “went” today, I believe I did this morning, I know that I really wanted to weigh myself, but I didn’t, I am desperately trying to hold off my weigh in till Sunday morning.

So far so good, this diet is keeping me full, I have energy and I am fairly regular.  I also worked out today which makes me feel good too.

The only issue I have so far, is I really miss meat…I am kind of a meatatarian, and that part of this diet has been a little difficult.  With that said, I will try the actual GM diet next time it has a soup that you make and eat throughout the week and you are able to have beef – I believe it would have been today – tomato day…So I will have to try that one at some point and see how my results vary from this one to that one.

Off I go, it’s a bit of a late night for me, and I need to get to bed.


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