GM Diet – Day 6

Ok, let’s get this out on the table right away…I cheated.  I had not just one, but two small squares of pizza.  Now, hear me out, I was being so good all day.  I had only veggies, I had my rice for lunch like planned and then I had to drop my son off at a birthday party.  At the party, a friend of mine came, so I stayed and chatted, not to mention, I really like the parents of the birthday boy, we had some great conversation and well there was food, they had all kinds of chips, which I did not touch, they offered all kinds of drinks and I took the water.  Then came the pizza, well, the party givers would not take no for an answer, in fact they said in their country no means yes, and well they twisted my rubber arm and I ended up with not one, but two squares of pizza on my plate.

Damn…It was some good pizza…I have no regrets.

Overall, I am feeling great, (probably because of the pepperoni, cheese and dough) but still.  I didn’t work out tonight either…I know…bad me…but I did a lot of running around, I had the one birthday with my son and had to stop at another birthday to pick up my daughter.

Also, there was the cake…2 parties and in total 3 cakes…I didn’t have one slice…I stayed strong, and am really proud of myself, normally, I would take the cake after the pizza and wash it down with pop, hell, I already had the pizza, right?  But not this time my friends, this time, I said no, stayed firm and seriously, no regrets for the pizza.

One more day to go, tomorrow, I get to have some fruit juices, and I believe veggies and rice, but I will confirm all that tomorrow.

Off I go, have to get up early to drive my daughter to work.


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