GM Diet – Day 7

Sorry for being so late with my last GM Diet Summary.  I got caught up working out, then cleaning up the house a bit, then i started to get ready for bed when I realized that I hadn’t blogged today.

Today was a great day, for the first time in a long time I dieted on a Saturday and didn’t cheat.  I was allowed to have fruit juices which I thought was odd, so I went with POM and Pure Blueberry juice, in total I only had about 2 cups of juice, 1 cup of each.  I was also able to have veggies and a bowl of rice, I think I was supposed to have it for lunch but I did have it for dinner instead, I’m not sure if that will affect things or not.

Tonight, I also went to the movies, took my kids to see Hotel Transylvania 2, and for the first time in, well, ever, I didn’t have any popcorn or pop, I took a bottle of water with me and didn’t even open that.  I feel really good about that, baby steps, right?

Tomorrow, I am starting the Fast Diet, I will be weighing in first thing and have a summary tomorrow morning.

Off I go, here’s hoping that I have lost 10 pounds!


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