GM Diet – Results – Fast Diet – Summary

Good morning, today was weigh in day.  When I started this diet a week ago, I was 160.5 pounds, and this morning I was 155.5 so that is a total of 5 pounds, this diet states that you will lose on average 7-10 pounds, but that was not the case, if you recall, I did have one cheat day, with 2 squares of pizza, but I really didn’t think that would affect it with this little weight loss.

Overall on this diet, I felt good, no headaches, it is very easy to follow, though I really missed meat, my goal is to do this diet once more but do the other version that lets you have beef, and there is a soup that goes with it as well.  I will try that one out and see what happens.

You won’t starve on this diet, however, it allows you to eat as much as you like on most days, mostly fruits and veggies, but still, I believe that I do better when things need to be measured out, one of my issues is eating too much as it is and not stopping even when I am full, so having limitless diets, might not work in my favour.

This coming week, including today, I have lots of events and plans made, so I decided to do the FAST diet, starting today and going till Saturday.  The fast diet is better if you keep it up for a long period of time, the weight loss is slow and steady and I have done it in the past.  But this week, we will see how it goes and what can be accomplished in a week

For the Fast Diet, you have 2 days, they can be two in a row, or you can spread them apart, in a week, that you have only 500 calories.  On the other days, you eat normally, this should be around 1200-1500 calories.  So this doesn’t mean you binge the other 5 days, I am going to put several rules in place in hopes that I can drop more than a couple of pounds this week.


I will fast on Monday and Thursday, keeping my calorie count to 500.

I will drink 8-12 glasses of water each day.

I will not eat after 7pm.

I will have green tea every day to aid in my weight loss.

I will try to work out on non-fast days.

Wish me luck!

Off I go, very excited to have some meat today – maybe some eggs for breakfast!


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