Fast Diet – Day 1

Today was my fast day, so I needed to stay under 500 calories, and it went well.  Before I get started, yesterday, was technically day 1 of the fast diet, however, to be honest, I didn’t do so well.  I did have lunch at Jack Astor’s with my cousins, and I did so good, I had the steak, with vegetables instead of the potato, and I had a soda water with lime.  Perfect lunch, right?  Well, then we went back to my cousins house for coffee, and that is were things went south…I had a piece of cake, a few nuts, 2 chocolate covered almonds..umm…oh yeah…and some Japanese rice crackers…I would love to tell you that was it, however, it was not.  We had a birthday party to go to for my friends son, and you know what birthday parties have, they have cake and pizza, and chips, and well, that was dinner.  Again, I really have no regrets, this is life and this is how I live it.  I enjoyed the company, the festivities, my family, my friends, and food is something that we just can’t get away from.  Yes, I ate the food, but when I look back, it was a great time with lots of good conversations.

So back to today, today was a good day, I stayed under 500 calories, and ate the following:

Breakfast:  my stomach was still a bit full from the day before, so I had a cup of hot lemon water.

Snack:  I had 3 small blue plums – about 45 calories, and a clementine, about 40 calories.

Lunch:  I had 3 rice crackers and 1 extra large boiled egg.  which was about 107 calories in total.

Dinner:  I had another boiled egg – 80 calories.

I just finished a green tea, and overall I feel pretty good, with that said, I am a little constipated.  But I don’t have a headache and I’m not overly hungry.

Off I go, I still have dishes to do before I head off to bed…


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