I know, I know, you have been wondering where I have been, you may recall me saying in the past, I really don’t have a lot of willpower, the FAST diet didn’t go as well as I thought, however, I did maintain my weight of 155.5, with that said, I didn’t do any diets from Friday through till Monday (yesterday) and well, I gained back most of my lost weight all the way back up to 160.5 pounds.

I am trying not to hate myself right now, but life did happen, and I have no regrets, we started again this morning with the 5-day Pineapple Diet and I will keep on keeping on.


This diet is pretty straight forward, and I am pretty sure that it will get monotonous as it goes as I will be eating exactly the same things everyday, maybe just a fish or chicken variation, but really the same thing every…day…

Breakfast: 2-3 slices of pineapple, 1 cup low-fat yogurt, oatmeal

Snack: 1 glass of pineapple juice, 1 slice of toasted rye bread, 1 boiled egg

Lunch: A simple broth prepared with the vegetables of your choice, grilled fish or chicken

Snack: 1 glass of pineapple juice, low-fat pineapple yogurt (or even better – you could just mix some finely chopped pineapple with plain yogurt)

Dinner: Chicken and pineapple salad

Now, I already have a few issues with this diet, today, I did everything as laid out, however, I didn’t have a whole cup of yogurt for breakfast, and I did add honey and raisins to my oatmeal, as well as a protein powder, ground flaxseed mix, as this is how I have oatmeal, I don’t know if I should or not, but I couldn’t eat it plain.

My second issue, how big a glass of pineapple juice?  I have been going with a 1/2 cup serving.

My third issue, simple broth prepared with vegetables of your choice, grilled fish or chicken – so?  How big is the piece of chicken?  Deck of cards?  100 grams?  Size of my palm?  1 cup?  I have no clue, so I tried to keep my serving size, normal, going with the deck of cards sized option.  I used Campbell’s no salt added chicken broth and added broccoli to it once it boiled…it was plain but all right.

My fourth issue, chicken and pineapple salad?  I couldn’t find a recipe for a pineapple salad, so I had a piece of chicken (one small leg) and I had a bit of pineapple.  I don’t know what a pineapple salad is, or if it is a chicken and pineapple salad.

Anyway, I will keep on keeping on, and see how this one goes, I was supposed to start yesterday, however, my office ordered lunch in and again, I have no will power, the lunch was several different kinds of pasta…no proteins and I couldn’t even wing it, the pasta was great, and I enjoyed every bite.

Off I go, gotta get ready for an early day tomorrow.  Thank you, it is nice to be back.


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