Today was a good day, I find that I am peeing a lot and I am very regular, I mean VERY regular.  This is a good thing, because lately most of the diets I have tried I seem to be more constipated then anything, so this is a nice change.

I did have a small cheat today, my dinner consisted of a small McDonalds ice cream, sans cone…I don’t really have an excuse, however, I did also buy my son a happy meal, and I did not, I repeat, did not, have a Big Mac, which I will have you know is one of my most favourite things.  Well, fast food-wise, at least…

I do find that I am hungry in the evening, but at breakfast, I am very full and really can’t eat all that I am supposed to eat – 2-3 slices of pineapple – maybe in total, I am having a slice – 1 cup of yogurt, I am only having at most half a cup and a serving of oatmeal, I eat the oatmeal first, and I put in some added items – but as previously mentioned, I just can’t eat it plain, it’s not a lot of extra stuff, maybe a teaspoon of honey – ok, maybe two teaspoons, but definitely not a tablespoon, and about 10 raisins…does that really count as too much extra added?  I really don’t think so, just making it a little more palatable.

Tomorrow is going to be tough, I was invited to an event, where I will be learning some new things about insurance (well, new to me) and they are having pizza, I am going to eat before I go, and try my best to turn down the pizza, wish me and my willpower luck.

Off I go, I need to practice my no’s and learn how to stay strong…


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