Happy Thanksgiving to my Canadian friends!  Today I weighed in at 157.5 which isn’t too bad considering yesterday was a big cheat day…Nope, I didn’t control myself at all.  I know, I know, but I was at a birthday party with all this great food, and when I get started I just can’t stop.  Then later that night I went to a bar with my good friend and neighbour, and you know that I had a few drinks, and of course, I drank beer…

Day 4 went well, I did have 2 pieces of pizza at the meeting I went to, and all in all, I think I could have done worse.

Overall, this diet was easy to maintain, as you had to have the same foods everyday, it did get monotonous, and a little boring.  Financially, this was a cheap diet, you only needed a few items including fresh pineapples, I bought 3 but found that I only really needed two.  I did pee a lot, and was very regular throughout this diet, I didn’t feel any fatigue or headaches, which is a good sign.  I did cheat, but only because life happened, not because the diet really lacked anything, when I was consistent, I stayed on track and when my day to day was normal, it was easy to stay focused on what I had to eat.

Today, I am off to my best friends house for Thanksgiving dinner, I know that I will be imbibing and eating to my hearts content, or should I say my stomachs content…Anyway, October so far has proven to be a very difficult month for dieting.  Too many great weekends with great friends and family, November should be better, but I will continue to do my best for the rest of October.  I have another 5-day starting up on Monday – this is the Dr. Oz Elimination Diet, it is another 5 days which takes me to my next busy weekend of my monthly girls night out dinner and a Euchre tournament.

Off, I go, need to get my things together so that I can go and enjoy Thanksgiving with my second family.


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