So far this diet is pretty straight forward, I have pretty much been having a stir fry for both lunch and dinner and eating brown rice for breakfast due to the fact that I haven’t found brown rice cereal.  I haven’t weighed myself but I don’t feel that this diet is working as well as I thought it would, with that said, it is my time of the month, so that could be the reason I am feeling a little blah.

The diet offers a lot of food, not a wide variety but a lot, I am having a hard time getting through all the food that is required, and am not even having the vegetable broth twice each day, I only eat 1 ounce and 1 tablespoon of almonds and I am supposed to have 2 oz, I have not had a cup of either strawberries or raspberries but I did eat my apple today.

I am fairly regular today, so that isn’t an issue, I guess I’m just not feeling this diet, it is a little blah, and there is a lot of preparation in the morning, a little too much for my mornings that I am running behind a little, but I will say, the lunches are better than most diets.

Off I go, it’s a little late tonight as I was up watching American Horror Story – Hotel.


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