Sorry for the delay, I have been suffering with a cold, but I am almost well again.  So as you can see, I did start the Atkin’s Diet, I had done this diet in the past with great success, not for just a week, but I did it for months, and lost about 20 pounds, but that was about 10 years ago.

This diet, is lots of protein, no carbs and no sugars, or fruits, these things are added to the diet later, but for the sake of the first week, we will just do the protein only with veggies, and I also had nuts for a snack.

I am going to be on this diet till Friday day, Friday night I am going to hang out with my best friend and do what we do best, chit chat over a few drinks.  So I will weigh in Friday morning to let you know how I did on this one.

Yesterday morning I weighed in at 157 pounds, for a change I didn’t go back up to 160+, so I am hoping the next 5 days will bring me down to a place I haven’t been in a while, like, 153…That would be totally awesome!!  🙂

So I am going to try something new and I haven’t decided if it should be on the summary of the diet, or everyday, but here we go:

Breakfast:  Today:  Eggs, Scrambled, with a little oil – Yesterday: eggs fried

Lunch: Today:  Tuna with Mayo and a whole cucumber – Yesterday:  Pork souvlaki and salad

Dinner:  Today:  Pork Kabobs and broccoli – Yesterday – Ground beef cooked with seasoning and Jalapeño peppers

Snack:  Today:  Almonds – Yesterday:  No Snack

Atkin’s diet daily summary:  (I don’t know if I am going to do this everyday or not yet)

Hunger:  Typically, on Atkin’s you can eat as much as you want, so you aren’t overly hungry.

Convenience:  I do have to prepare lunches they aren’t just grab and go, so I have to either boil eggs or mix the tuna with mayo, or have leftovers, like steak, kabobs, or any meat, but for the most part it is fairly easy, not a lot to think about.

Regularity:  I am a little constipated, so not as regular as I would like to be

Variety:  You can eat any kind of meat, and any kind of veggies for the most part, so you can be creative with that, I am a meatatarian – so I can find different things to do with what I can have, but there are no carbs, fruits, dairy or sugar, so after having a steak and veg, it kind of gets boring.

Well being:  Overall I feel good, I haven’t experienced any headaches or light-headedness, I feel satisfied with the food, so the last two days have been good.

Overall Rating:  8/10 so far for the past 2 days, I do like this diet, and tried it in the past, it does work well, I don’t remember why I stopped, probably because I love bread with butter…I took two points away for my regularity, and if I go tomorrow, then I might just give them back.

Off I go, I am hoping to wake up cold free tomorrow!


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