Today was a good day in a sense that there was no cheating, however, I still haven’t “gone” and my stomach hurt a lot after dinner today.

Breakfast:  2 hard boiled eggs

Lunch:  Tuna with mayo, and cucumbers

Snack:  Almonds – I had 2 handfuls, one in the morning and one in the afternoon

Dinner:  Prime Rib Steak and green beans

My ratings are as follows:

Convenience:  Relatively easy, most foods are available, but I have to cook or prepare anything that I am taking with me, not easy to grab and go.

Regularity:  I’m definitely not getting enough fibre, and haven’t gone yet, also I had a bit of a stomach ache and I don’t know if that is related, felt like a little indigestion

Variety:  Again, I am quite happy, not a lot of variety, but I like what I am having and not really missing anything – I had a prime rib steak, it was great.

Well Being – Today, I am feeling a little crappy, just my stomach pains, and it is likely because I am a constipated, but hopefully that will clear up overnight.

Overall Rating:  I am going to have to drop a couple of points, 6/10 today and we’ll see how I am feeling tomorrow.

The diet itself is going well, I even made my son popcorn, and didn’t have any which is always a good sign that the diet is going well, I just wish I was going well….

Off I go, need to get ready for bed.


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