Good evening, all, today is day 4 of the Atkin’s diet and so far, no cheats, and all is going well.  The only issue is that I still haven’t gone…I’m not in any pain, but really, I think that I should be going after 3 days on this diet.

Today my menu was as follows:

Breakfast:  2 Eggs, hard boiled

Lunch:  Egg Salad – hard boiled eggs with mayo and cucumber

Snack:  Almonds for both snacks

Dinner:  Sole fish, cooked with a bit of butter and seasonings (maybe a small cheat)

I think that the summary breakdown will be a little much to do everyday, but today, I am going to give it another 6/10 I’ve now been constipated for 3 days, so that brings the scoring down.  Outside of that, it is easy to keep up, and to be honest, I don’t have any cravings which is a good thing.

Off I go, I need to clean up a bit while I wait for banana breads to come out of the oven…No, none for me!  🙂


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