Good morning, I have to say, I am a little disappointed, I only lost 2 pounds on this diet.

Start Weight: 157

Today’s Weight: 155

Total Weight Loss:  2 measly pounds…

Final Summary:

Hunger:  Not typically hungry, as there aren’t any limits to what you can eat.

Convenience:  It can be easy, but there is some preparation, nothing is really grab and go, yesterday, I cooked steak in the morning and had it for breakfast, and lunch, because I ran out of eggs and tuna, but had I not taken the steak out, then I would have had to defrost some sort of protein.

Regularity:  First few days I was very constipated, however, I have been regular the best two mornings.

Variety:  You can eat pretty much any protein, and a variety of vegetables, and what you can have is unlimited, but it does lack carbs, sugar including fruits and dairy.

Overall Rating:  38/50 = 76%

Atkins lost points because of how constipated I was, but the diet is easy to follow and I believe that if you stay on it and make it a long term goal and part of your lifestyle, you will do well on this diet.  Most food is unlimited, so you shouldn’t be hungry, however,  you do need to have a little preparation for your meals.

I am going to continue this one today, and possibly tomorrow, outside of the drinking, and likely eating something full of carbs, I am going to do the best I can.

Tomorrow, I am invited to a baby shower, again, I will be trying to do the best I can, but because of my will power, I do let life get in the way.

Sunday, I will be on a new diet that will take me right up to Halloween, not sure what that one will be yet, but I will keep you posted!

Off I go, have to get the boy out of bed and me ready for work!


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