Good evening all, today, I was able to stay under the 1200 calorie goal, and even had a cupcake…

Breakfast – 1 orange and 1 cup of watermelon – 136 calories

Lunch – can of Campbell’s chicken noodle soup and 12 saltine crackers – 321

Dinner – Jane’s Chicken Burger, hamburger bun and 1 tablespoon of mayo – 395

Snack – Cupcake with icing, home-made Duncan Hines – 255

Total Calories – 1107

Tomorrow the focus will be to drink more water, I am also going to start using my Green Coffee Bean supplement again and see how that turns out.  Also, I would like to add more green tea and hot lemon water into my life, I just need to find times to incorporate these items.

The other thing that I am doing is not eating anything past 7:00.  I am hoping that this will help, as I am a snacker and I love to snack at night.

Baby steps though, my main goal is staying under 1200 calories, so that is the first priority, if I can add other healthy habits along the way, I will and I will try.

Off I go, have to get ready for tomorrow and ready for the rain that is coming…


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