Down a Pound

Good evening, I meant to put this post in this morning, but I ran out of time before running a little late to everything!  🙂

My Starting Weight:  175

Weight for Last Blog: 170

Today’s Weight:  169

Weight Loss Since Last Blog: 1

Total Weight Loss:  6

So I am down a whole pound, which is great, but if you put it in context, the last time that I did a full weigh in it was the 9th of January, this is now the 18th of January, so from then till now, I dropped a pound.  That is a whole 9 days, doesn’t sound great, does it?

I had a great weekend, though, was taking a training course, so I took what I was eating, I had my smoothies and stayed within my calorie count for the day.

I only worked out on Friday but I have plans to work out tomorrow, and hoping to add more to that, with that said, I also need to take the time to study for the exam that I have to write on Sunday, so there won’t be a lot of working out this week.

My goal is to stay under 1200 calories every day, have my two smoothies, and exercise twice this week.  I will do my weigh in on Friday, possibly at night after my course, but I will try for the morning.

Until then, I will keep on keeping on!  🙂



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