Great Week!

So, I had an awesome week, high-fives all around!!  I wasn’t expecting this week to be this good, even though, I did really well, seems like my hard work paid off.

My Starting Weight:  175

Weight for Last Blog: 169

Today’s Weight:  165.5

Weight Loss Since Last Blog: 3.5

Total Weight Loss:  9.5

I stayed on top of things and managed two workouts this week, I also stuck with 2 smoothies on most days – I bought frozen raspberries for my smoothies, and OMG are they ever good!  Just love it!

I was supposed to blog on Friday morning or evening, but with the course, and work, it was just too much, so my next blog will be early next week.  I would have normally gone with the Monday, but I think I should give it a little extra time to see if we can see some more weight loss, so I am going to aim for Tuesday.

My goal till then is to be down a full 10 pounds from my starting weight, and I will try to work out in this time frame, I am going to keep on counting calories, and hopefully keep up the weight loss at the same speed.

Gotta run, need to make a smoothie!


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