Throwing Out Food…For Thought…

So here is one of my biggest dilemmas about weight loss, tossing out good food, I feel like throwing out good food is such a waste, but sadly, it is better to be thrown out then in my gut, right?

So, when I was growing up in Scarborough, with my parents, my mother a Hungarian-born lady with relatively severe mental issues, nowadays, it is known as bi-polar, though she does show symptoms of just plain depression as well as some psychosis, and my father a Canadian-born Japanese man who spent his most formative years in Japan, giving him a very thick Japanese accent making it seem as though he also immigrated though he was actually born in BC.

My parents were lower middle-class, my father worked the evening shift as a caretaker in schools in Scarborough, and my mother was a hairdresser.  They owned a house in Scarborough, and lived relatively within their means.  When it came to food, the rule in our house was that I had to eat everything that was given to me, and if I didn’t eat what was on my plate for dinner, then I would see the same meal for breakfast.  I was told not be wasteful, and that you don’t throw out good food, there are children starving in other countries and I should be thankful and eat what was on my plate.  We ate leftovers, like a lot of families do, and still do, and again, you didn’t waste anything.

Now that I am grown, my issue is that I have too much food, or I have made too much food and I don’t want to throw it out, so I eat it.  So my issue is leftovers, my daughter will take leftovers to work with her, so that works, but anything that is left outside of that, I end up eating, I just can’t bear to throw it away, and this is just leftovers.  How do people go through their cupboards and throw out all snacks and chocolates for a fresh new start?  I just don’t get it, I do have snacks for the kids and for the most part I don’t touch them to snack on for myself, but there are other things in the house, that I will snack on I can’t begin to think how to throw them out.  So what I end up doing is eating it all so that it is gone from the house.

There are other things like pop – I only buy pop around Christmas time, or when we are having company over – such as a party or get-together, but then all the leftover pop is what I want to binge on until it’s gone, I can’t save it for the next party, or put it away for next time, I have to drink it to get it out of the house, and throwing pop out, I mean, what?  I don’t even know how to begin to throw pop out.  I know better in the garbage then in my belly, but I seriously don’t know how to get past this, why do I feel the need to eat everything off my plate, even if I am full, and then once I am stuffed from dinner, why do I feel the need to eat the leftover cake before it goes bad?  Why do I have to have it?  Why couldn’t I have just thrown out that one last piece of cake from Christmas dinner, instead I ate it the next day after stuffing myself full of leftovers.

I am great at sharing and generous and love putting things out for people when they come, and I love giving treats away to people, but I don’t understand my need to eat things rather than throw them out, I want to be able to say, look no one is going to eat this, let’s let it go.  I am a single mom, so I don’t have a male type figure in my home that eats the remainder of the food, so I guess in a sense I took on that role.  For example, my son had pasta last night because he doesn’t like turkey pot pie, I had my leftover turkey pot pie, just the one serving, so I was being good, but then he left some pasta in the bottom of his bowl, and instead of just walking the bowl to the trash, I ate it.  Not sure why, I was satisfied with my meal, I was full and didn’t need any more food, but instead of throwing out his 4 bites of pasta, I ate it.

This week, I am going to add to my goals, I am going to try my best to throw something out that I don’t need to have, I am going to try to think of it as saving me and not being a waste if I feel good about me later.

If anyone has any suggestions or if they are going through similar issues, leave a note in the comments section, I’d love to hear from you, I also have other issues that I would like to tackle like:

Overeating when I am full

Binge Eating

Being a Chocoholic

Anyway, that’s my rant for today.


4 thoughts on “Throwing Out Food…For Thought…

  1. I was very ill when I was 2 years old and hospitalized with pneumonia. The doctors had the idea that I was ill because I didn’t eat enough and apparently (according to my parents) told them that they had to make me eat. Every meal after that was a nightmare for me. I had to eat everything on my plate or I was spanked (people did that back in those days) after 1 hour, then ever 15 minutes after that, so needless to say I’ve never had a healthy relationship with food. In my teens and early 20’s I had an eating disorder and basically starved myself thin but eventually swung to the other side and have been eating too much for a long, long time (you’re never really “over” an eating disorder, sometimes it just morphs into some other form of eating disorder). I do struggle with the “eat everything on your plate” issue but have learned that I don’t have to eat it all then. If I’m out to dinner and I can only eat 1/2 of the entrée (because honestly you really shouldn’t eat everything they serve at a USA restaurant, the servings are way too large!), I take the other 1/2 home. I don’t always eat the leftovers and sometimes have to throw them out after they’ve gone bad but at least I don’t eat too much. I do recall going out to dinner with my mom when I was about 35 and she gave me a hard time about not cleaning up my plate and I looked at her and said, “no mother, that is how people get fat”. I don’t think she’s ever said it to me since. Sometimes it is better to focus on your health. It costs money to join a gym, buy exercise clothing, exercise dvds & equipment, buy more fresh fruit and veggies, etc., but it is worth it. The same is true with “spending” money by throwing your leftovers out. Just look at it as a health expense and try to work on reducing the amount of food you cook and the amount of food you put on your plate and remember, your parents aren’t there and it’s your house, if you need to throw out some food to improve your health it’s your business.

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    1. I totally get what your saying about my parents not living with me, I am in my 40’s but it is still this hold over me, I am working on it though, you are totally correct, I have to think of it more as a health expense, rather than a waste of food. I have learned to cook less food and have smaller portions, though with a family of 3 there is usually always a little left, and I have to try not to eat that or save it. Thank you! 🙂


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