I blame my uterus…

Ok, so I decided to not write yesterday because, believe it or not, I was up a pound, I had done everything right, I had not cheated and there it was a whole pound up, in fact, it was actually a whole pound and a half up.  Let me explain…

See, what happened was on my last update blog, I was down 9.5 pounds, my goal was to be down 10 pounds by Tuesday (yesterday), so the day after that blog (last Sunday), I was down the 10 pounds, so my title that I was thinking of for Tuesday was going to reflect that and be A Whole 10 Pounds!! Yay!  But then, without cheating, with me eating only 1200 calories a day, I went back up .5 of a pound, and there I sat, then yesterday (Tuesday), the day that I would update everyone, I was up another pound on top of it all.

Today I am back down that pound, so still at 9.5 pound total lost, and I know it’s still good, considering I lost a lot last week, however, it is still so discouraging to not be down that final .5 of a pound for this follow up blog.

The other thing is that I am also starting my monthly cycle, it is typically fairly regular, however, this particular month, it has been a little off, maybe from the weight shift.

Then I saw this pic:

Uterus Size

Do you know what that is?  If you guessed correctly, the thing on the left side is your uterus normally, the large red one is your uterus on your period:  http://www.wdish.com/must-see-photo-your-uterus-your-period

So, you see, this week, my uterus put on an extra pound and a half, and that is my story and I’m sticking to it!



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