Down 12 Pounds! Yay!

It has ended up being a great few days and a really good weekend!

My Starting Weight:  175

Weight for Last Blog: 165.5

Today’s Weight:  163

Weight Loss Since Last Blog: 2.5

Total Weight Loss:  12

In total for the month of January, I have lost 12 pounds, I really can’t complain, it is all in all a good month, though, I was a little discouraged for about a week or so.

Today, I went to Mandarin with my family, for those who don’t know Mandarin is a Chinese Food Buffet restaurant.  My aunt and uncle came in from BC, and so the Japanese side of my family which was about 24 of us give or take, went to this massive buffet for lunch.

I love Mandarin, just love it, however, do you know how hard it is to stay under 1200 calories at Mandarin, it is so difficult, however, it was a long ride to the Mandarin, we went to the one in Hamilton, and I live in Pickering, so I had my daughter do a little research about the things that I love at Mandarin.  They currently don’t have any nutritional information on their website, but they do assure us it is coming soon, so for certain things like egg rolls, we picked some generic numbers, hoping that it would do.

This research turned out to be the best thing I have ever done, I ended up eating a full 816 calories at Mandarin, however, everything I ate was a well planned item.  I had an egg roll, won ton soup, grilled chicken, sautéed mushrooms and garlic broccoli, plus a salad, and rice pudding for dessert, and I was very satisfied, to be honest, I was so full, I didn’t have dinner.  This was a big win for me.

Also, after lunch, we went back to my cousins place and they had all kinds of treats, they had strudels, cheese and apple, sponge cake that my aunt makes, Japanese rice crackers, pistachios, chocolate covered almonds, and some other snacks and treats, and guess what, this is my biggest win, I didn’t have any of it, I enjoyed the company of my family without partaking in the snacks that were out, this is an extremely big win for me… I did however, look up the calories for one chocolate covered almond, and it was 17, for one, just so you know…One!  Lord, help me!  This time, I was strong, and right now, I feel great!

I hope that all of you had a strong weekend, we all need to hang in there, take each day one step at a time!






4 thoughts on “Down 12 Pounds! Yay!

      1. maintaining weight or losing a pound is still excellent, we all have our own road to travel down. You should be very proud of yourself, losing weight is already tough, let alone having to deal with health challenges, either way, you are doing great, I love your encouragement and support!

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