Blog Challenge – Day 29

What Do You Think People Misunderstand Most About You?

This is another tough one, I may have to go with my age, and my kids, when I tell people I have a daughter who is almost 23, I surprise a lot of people.  I had her when I was really young, but I’d like to think that I still made a really good mom.  I tried my best, and well, she’s nothing like me – except for her looks, voice and sense of humour, and she finished university and is now working, so I don’t think I did too badly.


Blog Challenge – Day 28

What is Your Love Language?

What is a love language?  Ok, so I did an online test, this is coming from someone who hasn’t even dated in over a year, let alone been in a relationship; apparently my love language is physical touch.  Maybe I’m just craving some physical touch.  Typically, I’m not much for public displays of affection, however, I thought I would be more selfish right now, because I have this issue with trusting people and all, and most of the time in my mind, I’m thinking “don’t touch me”.

But there you have it.  Physical Touch.

Blog Challenge – Day 27

What is Your Favourite Part of Your Body and Why?

Ok, I’m going to have to go with my hair, if that counts as part of my body.  I love my hair, I love long hair, and, knock on wood, I haven’t had to dye my hair yet.  I still have my natural colour, I know it won’t last that much longer, but I’m happy I don’t have that extra added cost each month to keep up with covering grey.

If I actually have to pick a part of my body, then my next favourite body part would be my eyes, I like my eyes, their brown, and Asian, I have my dad’s eyes, and I get compliments – well, I used to get compliments about my eyes.

Blog Challenge – Day 26

What Popular Notion Do You Think The World Has Most Wrong?

I’ve thought a lot about this, and I think what the world has most wrong is discipline.  I do know that other places in the world discipline their kids better than they do in North America.  However, what I’m seeing a lot of these days are very self-entitled children who think that the world owes them something.  People now have better incomes and can provide more for their children, which is fine, not my concern, I would do anything for my kids.  But I believe in providing them with independence and a home where they can safely learn how to live in the real world.

Children who aren’t disciplined properly have behavioural issues, they are unable to socialise with the other children, they aren’t able to self-regulate themselves and they are unable to be compassionate to others, when they aren’t told no, and they are getting away with murder, then they grow up to be kids, teens and young adults that think that the world revolves around them.

Kids need rules, they need boundaries, and they need to be told no.  I don’t mean that we need to beat our children, but I do believe in spanking, I believe that spanking should only be for kids 5 and under.  By 5 they should already know most things, and they are also old enough to be told what they have done wrong.  Also, I believe that the spanking shouldn’t be there to hurt them, it should be to enforce your point and only used as a last resort.  For example, if your two year old comes running into your kitchen while you are cooking and they reach up to put their little fingers on one of the hot burners, I would smack their fingers.  I want them to know that if they touch it, it will be hot and it will hurt.  I would also reinforce that it is hot by saying it is hot, showing them it is hot (safely showing them), and telling them that they can’t touch the stove.  Another example, when my daughter was about 3, I started with counting, 1, 2, 3, I didn’t use a 2 and a half or a 2 and 3 quarters, I told her that if I got to 3 she would get a spank.  I only ever got to 3 that one time and she did get a spank.   The spank wasn’t to hurt her, it was to hurt her feelings make her understand that I asked her to stop and she needed to listen.  From that day on, if needed I would say 1 and she would normally stop.  But she knew there would be a consequence.  Most parents threaten with 1, 2, 3 but nothing comes of it and there isn’t a lesson learned.

Ok, so I’m getting a little off track, I think that we as a society have spoiled our children rotten, I see many whiny children that turned into self-centred pre-teens who have these helicopter parents that make sure their kids never fall, get hurt, are told no, or have a bruised ego.  Their self-esteem is to be bronzed with their baby shoes, and these are the kids that are going to be running our world.

We need to encourage our kids, teach them how to fly, be independent, we need to show them respect so that they learn how to offer respect, children learn what they live, and I’m not about to tell you I am the world’s best parent, because I’m not, I have my flaws, but I will not live in the same house with a child that whines when they want something, cries when they don’t get it, a child that continuously pushes my buttons and doesn’t understand the word no, a child that has no respect for himself, his family or anyone else.  I want to enable my children so that they are valuable to society, teach them they need to earn things, and show them that losing is ok, and that we need to try and keep trying sometimes to be great at whatever it is we want to be great at.

Blog Challenge – Day 25

Ok, does it still count?  I’m a little late, with a busy weekend…

If You Could Have Dinner With Anyone in History, Who Would It Be and What Would You Eat?

Another excellent question!  Let’s see, if it could be totally anyone, then most likely Jon Bon Jovi, I’d love to just be able to chat with him, but I bet for the first part I would be giggling, and stuttering and sputtering until I calmed down enough to hold a decent conversation.  I’d be happy eating at his restaurant and choosing something from his menu, maybe a seafood dish.

If the question is looking for someone from long ago in our history, then Leonardo Da Vinci, I would love to meet him in Italy and I think that we would have ourselves some authentic Italian cuisine, start with some antipasto and move on to some soup and pasta.

Blog Challenge – Day 24

Describe Your Family Dynamic of Your Childhood vs. Your Family Dynamic Now

Well, those that have read my past blogs know that I didn’t have the best home life, my mother was bi-polar and my dad worked evenings so really wasn’t around to protect me from her.   My parents were middle class, both worked, my mother was a hair dresser and my father was a caretaker at a school.  They owned their home and we moved quite a few times, my mother always wanted a bigger and better house.  I was the only child and both my parents were together until I left home the second time when I was 16.  That was when they separated, my mother moved to Israel to look for God and my dad moved to a new house.

My family dynamic today is I am a single mom with 2 kids, I do own my own home and I work.  Right now, we are lower middle class, and I am trying to work my way up the ladder to a better status.  I did go through a depression over the last year, but outside of that, I don’t have any mental health issues, and I have never hurt my children.  I don’t plan on moving from here till my son is starting high school, but I do plan on staying in the area.  My daughter is 22 and still lives at home, where she is probably a little too comfortable, but for now, that’s ok.  There isn’t nearly as much drama in my life now, than in my childhood.  Things are relatively quiet and good, our family is loving and kind and I think I put a lot of what I didn’t have growing up into my life because this is how I wanted my childhood to be.

Blog Challenge – Day 23

List Your Top 5 Hobbies and Why You Love Them?

  1. The Gym – because I am seeing a difference lately.
  2. Blogging – I love to write.
  3. Cooking – I like cooking, and I am getting much better at baking and enjoying that more too
  4. Can Eating be a hobby? I haven’t been as good as I’d like lately with this whole “lifestyle change” but I am trying new recipes that I do very much enjoy.
  5. Reading – I haven’t done much reading lately, but I do enjoy reading quite a bit.