Big Wins

I wanted to send out a quick update.  I have been very positive, I have been on track with food, and I have also been getting in some exercise, not a lot of exercise, but some.  This morning was my weigh in day and I am down 2 pounds and 1 inch.

I was surprised, I expected it to be a 1 pound loss, but this loss got me into the 160’s, and I am so happy with that.

Starting weight: 176 (this was the highest I got to as of September 29, 2016)

Weight last week:  171

Weight this week:  169

Total Loss:  7 pounds

I am considering joining a gym, I have been taking 2 Zumba classes a week and paying for each class.  I have just received a free 5 day pass to a Woman’s Fitness and as it turns out, their program, where I can access the facility 7 days a week, and have the use of all the classes, and equipment, is less then what I’m paying for just the 2 classes.  And they also offer Zumba.

I’m a little nervous about my weekend, I have been doing so well, and I am going to be visiting a close friend.  She’s basically my sister.  Anyway, when we get together we drink, and eat and it’s not healthy at all.  I don’t want to get derailed by this, but I want to go and be social, and it’s also her birthday, and I haven’t had a drink in so long, that I might be drunk off just the one.  Anyway, I’m worried, I think I may pack a bean dip that I have a recipe for, it’s a great dip, it doesn’t have sugar, or grains, I can have it and hopefully it will keep me full enough that I won’t want to binge on anything else.

I will have to come up with a plan on how to handle the weekend, and take it from there.  Any advice would be helpful, please comment if you have any thoughts.




3 thoughts on “Big Wins

  1. SEE?! You ARE making progress! Seven pounds is friggin’ AH-MAZE-ZING! You are working it! You are staying the course – even during your rough days. If only I could say the same thing. I am so VERY proud of you!

    What if you take the book with you and the two of you come up with stuff you can eat and/or binge on (that is good for you)? Would she go along with that?

    I know you are going to be SOOOOOOOOOOOO successful!

    I’ve got your back!

    ❤ ❤

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    1. She is relatively easy going, and we both love to eat, and neither of us are picky, but with this book, as you know, not everyone has a lot of the ingredients available, so I’d have to pick and choose before going. We’re too busy to just sit down and talk about it beforehand, and I know that we are going for Ramen, because that is what she wants to do on her birthday. The bean dip is from the book and is really good, so I can make a big batch of that, and maybe I’ll bring along some fruits and nuts with me for snacking. I’m trying not to worry too much, she has a pool, so I;m going to try and fit in a lot of swimming with Devin and hopefully I can build up enough calories to counteract the effects of the binging…LOL

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