Blog Challenge – Day 7

What Is Your Dream Job and Why?

I believe that I am in my dream career, I am in sales, I am in outside sales, or field sales, depending on how you see it.  The thing that I love is that the scenery changes every day, it’s not the same boring thing day after day.  You get to meet such great people, and then some other characters, but for the most part, people are really great.

I just wish that I made more money, maybe move into a field where I can make more money and have more freedom that would be the best.

Right now, I don’t have to have my son in daycare, I just work my schedule around his school day, and I have help from my daughter, my neighbour and my dad, who can take him if I have a later meeting outside of school hours.

But yes, sales is my dream job, so you could say, I’m living the dream…well sorta…


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