Blog Challenge – Day 11

Describe 10 Pet Peeves You Have

  1. Parents who don’t discipline their children. First and foremost, my biggest pet peeve, we have too many spoiled, unappreciative, over-indulged children who become a burden to society.  Parents can’t continue to coddle their children and keep them from failing; children need to fail to succeed.  We need to teach them to be strong, and teach them how to earn things, and teach them that the world does not revolve around them, prepare them to be successful, set them up to be independent people who will make the world around us a better place.
  2. Everyone wins sports. Not everyone can win, there are winners and losers, and when we teach our children that they will always win at everything they do, we are going to build disappointment when they join the real world, and realize that they aren’t winning.  Not everyone should get a trophy at the end of a season, sometimes, you lose and that’s ok.
  3. Valentine’s Cards – My child shouldn’t need the class list to determine who he has to give a Valentine’s Card to, he should give them to who he WANTS to give them to, again, we’re not supposed to hurt other kids feelings, but if you’re not a nice kid, and you don’t get any Valentine’s cards, maybe it’s time to look within yourself and figure out why.
  4. Everyone gets on the team – same as every team wins – you should need to try out for the team, and if you aren’t good enough to make the team, you would need to work harder to try out for the team next year.
  5. Customer Service – When I go to a store, any store, I hate when the people that work there aren’t familiar with the things they sell. If I have questions about any product in any store, I expect the staff to be knowledgeable so that I can make my buying decision, if they’re not, I except them to find someone for me that is.  I find that over the last couple of years, this doesn’t happen anymore.  I fear that the days of good customer service are gone.
  6. Pet owners who can’t take care of their pets, I do understand if you are put in a situation where for example you lost your job, and so you can’t afford the top of the line food anymore, you do need to make due where you can and I get that, what bothers me is people who get a pet without any thought to vaccines, getting them fixed, food, their diet, their care, pets can be expensive and they are a commitment, and we can all love a pet, but really if you can’t afford to keep a pet, don’t get one, wait till you can afford a pet.
  7. Teen Moms – this may be a little weird, I myself was a teen mom – however, this is exactly why I am judgier about teen moms – I didn’t have parents who would freely watch my kids. When I had my kids, I became a mom, and I did it all myself, I learned how to cook, I learned how to be a mom almost on my own.  I did go out to bars and I did party too.  But, I had to wake up first thing with a baby, I also paid for my baby sitter most of the time.  Some of the time my dad did listen for her (when she got way older), but she had to be sleeping when I left and he didn’t get up with her in the morning, I did.   I also didn’t go out much, especially not in the beginning, more so when she got older – 5 or so, but she never knew it.  I was a mother first, then a teenager, I gave up my right to be a regular teenager when I got pregnant.  But sometimes I see kids now that have it all, their teenage dream life, a baby, a night life and somewhere in a background a mother or father that is taking on too much responsibility with a grandchild and not giving their child enough.
  8. People who are late. Sadly, I’ve been late more often lately, and I hate myself for it, I am usually 15 minutes early to everything, or at least I try to be.  But I’m not perpetually late; these people that just can’t get their shit together to get to any place on time really bug me.  And if you are going to be late, call and let people know.
  9. Drivers, drivers that drive too fast, and cut in and out of traffic, and ride up your ass when I’m already going 30 over in the fast lane.
  10. Kids leaving their crap, everywhere, and leaving every light in the house on…I have 2 kids that do this, I swear they don’t know where the garbage goes. I can say to them till I’m blue in the face, throw your crap out, and turn the lights out, but these are the two things that they don’t hear, for the most part they are good, but this we need to work on.



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