Blog Challenge -Day 20

Describe 3 Significant Memories From Your Childhood.

  1. I recall one time when my mother was admitted to the hospital.  My aunt brought me there after my Dad and my Uncle had taken her in.  I’m not sure why she did, but I was there.  So, I was about 7 and decided to wander a little.  I turned a corner and saw my mother flailing while strapped down to a bed in a hall, my dad was there and a doctor was going to her with a syringe and then my Aunt pulled me back.  I think it was that moment that I realised my mother was really not well.
  2. The first time I got my period, we didn’t learn about it in health class, and my friends hadn’t gotten theirs yet, and if they did, they didn’t tell me. My mother didn’t warn me and luckily I found out that it had come after school, so there was no outside embarrassment, the only thing is that I seriously thought that I was dying, I had no idea what was happening but seeing what I saw couldn’t be a good sign.  So I called my mother at work, and told her and do you know what she did?  She laughed and laughed, she could barely catch her breath to tell me how to handle it.
  3. When I was 12 I got the chicken pox and I had them really bad, you could not see skin on my back that wasn’t affected. My mother opened up the pull out couch in the spare room and she stayed with me in that bed, she told me that heaven was a beautiful place where you could run through beautiful meadows and all the houses were made of gold.  She gave me medicine and helped me take my mind off itching myself.  I wish that mom was the mother I grew up with all the time.  That is my one really good memory of my mother.

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