Blog Challenge – Day 25

Ok, does it still count?  I’m a little late, with a busy weekend…

If You Could Have Dinner With Anyone in History, Who Would It Be and What Would You Eat?

Another excellent question!  Let’s see, if it could be totally anyone, then most likely Jon Bon Jovi, I’d love to just be able to chat with him, but I bet for the first part I would be giggling, and stuttering and sputtering until I calmed down enough to hold a decent conversation.  I’d be happy eating at his restaurant and choosing something from his menu, maybe a seafood dish.

If the question is looking for someone from long ago in our history, then Leonardo Da Vinci, I would love to meet him in Italy and I think that we would have ourselves some authentic Italian cuisine, start with some antipasto and move on to some soup and pasta.


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