Lemonade Detox Diet – Day 2

Just so you know, they were totally correct about a bowel movement lasting 60 minutes, I was up till almost midnight just going and going.

So today, I slept in a bit, I ended up going to bed later than expected due to some really unexpected issues in the bathroom, I knew that I was warned, but I really didn’t think that they could be serious.

Today, after work, I got a bad headache, my head still hurts, I did a small cheat with a banana and again, I got no where close to finishing the amount of lemonade I was supposed to have, to be honest, I only got through another half of what was left from yesterday, so in 2 days, I haven’t been able to gulp down the lemonade like I am supposed to.

I am going to try my hardest to stay on for tomorrow, but this diet is killer, I’m not really hungry, but the headache is a little unsettling as well as the time in the bathroom.  I don’t feel good overall, likely the lack of food, but I have fasted like this before and didn’t feel this terrible, so I don’t know.

Off I go, try to get a few things done before I end up on the toilet for the rest of the night…