GM Diet – Results – Fast Diet – Summary

Good morning, today was weigh in day.  When I started this diet a week ago, I was 160.5 pounds, and this morning I was 155.5 so that is a total of 5 pounds, this diet states that you will lose on average 7-10 pounds, but that was not the case, if you recall, I did have one cheat day, with 2 squares of pizza, but I really didn’t think that would affect it with this little weight loss.

Overall on this diet, I felt good, no headaches, it is very easy to follow, though I really missed meat, my goal is to do this diet once more but do the other version that lets you have beef, and there is a soup that goes with it as well.  I will try that one out and see what happens.

You won’t starve on this diet, however, it allows you to eat as much as you like on most days, mostly fruits and veggies, but still, I believe that I do better when things need to be measured out, one of my issues is eating too much as it is and not stopping even when I am full, so having limitless diets, might not work in my favour.

This coming week, including today, I have lots of events and plans made, so I decided to do the FAST diet, starting today and going till Saturday.  The fast diet is better if you keep it up for a long period of time, the weight loss is slow and steady and I have done it in the past.  But this week, we will see how it goes and what can be accomplished in a week

For the Fast Diet, you have 2 days, they can be two in a row, or you can spread them apart, in a week, that you have only 500 calories.  On the other days, you eat normally, this should be around 1200-1500 calories.  So this doesn’t mean you binge the other 5 days, I am going to put several rules in place in hopes that I can drop more than a couple of pounds this week.


I will fast on Monday and Thursday, keeping my calorie count to 500.

I will drink 8-12 glasses of water each day.

I will not eat after 7pm.

I will have green tea every day to aid in my weight loss.

I will try to work out on non-fast days.

Wish me luck!

Off I go, very excited to have some meat today – maybe some eggs for breakfast!


GM Diet – Day 7

Sorry for being so late with my last GM Diet Summary.  I got caught up working out, then cleaning up the house a bit, then i started to get ready for bed when I realized that I hadn’t blogged today.

Today was a great day, for the first time in a long time I dieted on a Saturday and didn’t cheat.  I was allowed to have fruit juices which I thought was odd, so I went with POM and Pure Blueberry juice, in total I only had about 2 cups of juice, 1 cup of each.  I was also able to have veggies and a bowl of rice, I think I was supposed to have it for lunch but I did have it for dinner instead, I’m not sure if that will affect things or not.

Tonight, I also went to the movies, took my kids to see Hotel Transylvania 2, and for the first time in, well, ever, I didn’t have any popcorn or pop, I took a bottle of water with me and didn’t even open that.  I feel really good about that, baby steps, right?

Tomorrow, I am starting the Fast Diet, I will be weighing in first thing and have a summary tomorrow morning.

Off I go, here’s hoping that I have lost 10 pounds!

GM Diet – Day 6

Ok, let’s get this out on the table right away…I cheated.  I had not just one, but two small squares of pizza.  Now, hear me out, I was being so good all day.  I had only veggies, I had my rice for lunch like planned and then I had to drop my son off at a birthday party.  At the party, a friend of mine came, so I stayed and chatted, not to mention, I really like the parents of the birthday boy, we had some great conversation and well there was food, they had all kinds of chips, which I did not touch, they offered all kinds of drinks and I took the water.  Then came the pizza, well, the party givers would not take no for an answer, in fact they said in their country no means yes, and well they twisted my rubber arm and I ended up with not one, but two squares of pizza on my plate.

Damn…It was some good pizza…I have no regrets.

Overall, I am feeling great, (probably because of the pepperoni, cheese and dough) but still.  I didn’t work out tonight either…I know…bad me…but I did a lot of running around, I had the one birthday with my son and had to stop at another birthday to pick up my daughter.

Also, there was the cake…2 parties and in total 3 cakes…I didn’t have one slice…I stayed strong, and am really proud of myself, normally, I would take the cake after the pizza and wash it down with pop, hell, I already had the pizza, right?  But not this time my friends, this time, I said no, stayed firm and seriously, no regrets for the pizza.

One more day to go, tomorrow, I get to have some fruit juices, and I believe veggies and rice, but I will confirm all that tomorrow.

Off I go, have to get up early to drive my daughter to work.

GM Diet – Day 5

Today was the dreaded tomato day, and it didn’t go nearly as bad as I thought it would, I wasn’t hungry, I had plenty of tomatoes, and I had to pee a lot.  I was supposed to have 1 cup of rice for lunch but my day on the road was really long, so I ended up having my cup of rice for dinner.  I believe that I had about 6 tomatoes today which was what was required.  I also had a lot of water.  It says to have 12-15 glasses today as there is a lot of uric acid built up from the diet at this time.

Tomorrow, I believe that I get another cup of rice at lunch time, and it shouldn’t be a problem to have it at lunch tomorrow as I have left overs from today.

I am trying to remember if I actually “went” today, I believe I did this morning, I know that I really wanted to weigh myself, but I didn’t, I am desperately trying to hold off my weigh in till Sunday morning.

So far so good, this diet is keeping me full, I have energy and I am fairly regular.  I also worked out today which makes me feel good too.

The only issue I have so far, is I really miss meat…I am kind of a meatatarian, and that part of this diet has been a little difficult.  With that said, I will try the actual GM diet next time it has a soup that you make and eat throughout the week and you are able to have beef – I believe it would have been today – tomato day…So I will have to try that one at some point and see how my results vary from this one to that one.

Off I go, it’s a bit of a late night for me, and I need to get to bed.

GM Diet – Day 4

So, today was banana day, you heard me…banana day.  I didn’t do as well as I thought I would, however, I didn’t cheat, I did have lots of water, and I believe I had 6 maybe 7 bananas today.  But the issue is, I don’t like milk.  So today, I did try unsweetened almond milk, and had a small glass of that, but I didn’t do too well on the milk side of things, and I don’t know if it will affect my weight loss or not, but the next time I try, I have to do something better.

I did work out today, and I have no light headedness and overall, I feel really good.  To be honest, when you only get one thing, it is fairly easy, especially with bananas as they are very portable, I took 4 bananas with me in the car – I am in outside sales, so I work out of my car a lot, so that was easy.  If that’s all you got, well, then that’s all you eat!

Tomorrow is tomato day, I’m not sure that they are very portable – and I don’t know how I am going to make it through the day with just tomatoes, not that I don’t like them, but they aren’t bananas.  Also, I believe that I get a bowl of rice, which is very exciting, I am half Japanese and am looking very forward to my bowl of rice.

Off I go, need to get some things done before I call it a night.

GM Diet – Day 3

Good evening, all!  Today I was allowed to have veggies and fruits, but no potato and no bananas.  Today was a good day, I got to eat a lot of food, and if you ask me, fruits are better for breakfast than veggies!  I did however, have to pee a lot, just like the first two days, and with this diet, I have been very regular, which is good, better out than in, I say!

I did get a chance to work out today for a bit this evening, and I feel good, with this diet, there isn’t any starvation, so overall, no headaches, I can cope, and I can workout without feeling light headed.

Breakfast – I had raspberries and watermelon.

Lunch – Clementine, quite a few blue plums, I think 7 of them, (they are really little) and carrot sticks.

Dinner – Zucchini (cooked with Pam again) they were sooo yummy – broccoli and green beans – I just cooked up a bunch and my kids ate them as well (along with their chicken burgers).  Which by the way smelled so good, and I didn’t cheat at all.

Later this evening, I had watermelon for snack, but I have been trying my best not to eat after 7 or 8 at night.

I’m not really looking forward to tomorrow, I don’t drink milk, so I don’t know how this is going to go.  I’m not a fan of plain yogurt either, I may have to do some calorie to calorie substituting with a different dairy.

Off I go, dishes to be done before I call it a night.

GM Diet – Day 2

Today was a good day, though, I was far more hungry than on the all fruit day, it was a little harder than the day before, but I did get through it!  I am looking forward to tomorrow where I get to eat fruits and veggies!

Today I had one large carrot cut into sticks, celery sticks and cucumbers cut into spears, this was my breakfast and my lunch, the diet says that I can have a baked or boiled potato today for breakfast, and I thought, bah, I don’t need the potato, I will be fine…I feel like there is a lot to be said for that potato…oh well, next time when I do the beef version of this diet I will remember that.  Maybe.

For dinner I had cooked broccoli, zucchini (I think my friends in the US call this summer squash) (fried with a little Pam and salt) and green beans, that was quite filling and I felt good the rest of the evening.

Today, again, I did a lot of peeing and I did “go” today, likely from all the fruit yesterday.

I did get to work out for about 30 minutes today, and got a good sweat going.  This diet is much easier than the 3 previous diets so far, however, wait till Banana Day and Tomato Day and then I’ll tell you what I really think!

Off I go, gotta do the dishes before I get to bed!