3-Day Military Diet – Results

Good morning, world!  Yesterday was the last day of my 3-day Military Diet and I lost 4 pounds, I was 162 when I started and I am down to 158, I broke into the 50’s yay!!

Overall, the military diet is relatively easy to follow, my tip is to put everything you can have on a plate and sit to eat it like a meal, don’t just snack on each item (except the bananas and ice cream) those I ate after the meal type foods and sometimes I waited till later in the evening for the ice cream.

I am going to do this diet again in the future as I messed up that first day good, and I want to explore the full effects if I did it correctly and when I was prepared for it.

Today, I am going to try my best to take it easy though I do have dinner with the girls tonight, and starting tomorrow, I am going on a 7 day diet, there is the heart diet, the miracle cabbage soup diet, the GM diet and they are all very similar, so I am going to decide which diet today and then start that one on Sunday till next Saturday.  My weigh in will be tomorrow morning, and hopefully I don’t mess that up too much today.

Off, I go, need to take my daughter to work!  Have a good day everyone, make healthy choices!


3 – Day Military Diet – Day 3

It sure got late fast tonight, I have been a little lazy today, I didn’t work out tonight, but I also didn’t cheat on the diet, I did substitute a cup of dry tuna for chicken – skinless, boneless, and it was one of the substitutions on the list.

This diet has been, for the most part, tolerable, today, the diet is rather light on food, and I am a little hungry, for breakfast I had 5 saltine crackers, a small apple and 30 g of cheddar cheese.  They say 1 slice, and I really think they mean a serving, the reason why I think this so is on day 2 lunch you are supposed to have a cup of cottage cheese, however, the substitution is one “slice” cheddar cheese, so I have been going with the 30g serving, as I think that makes sense.

Then for lunch it was one boiled egg and a slice of bread – I had my multi-grain bread.  But I was feeling a bit hungry after lunch and had lots of water to combat the hunger pangs, and then for dinner, I got to have 4 ounces of chicken as I mentioned earlier, along with 1/2 a banana and 1 cup of vanilla ice cream, I finished eating by 7 and have not had anything since.

Now, I do have an issue, and this could be because of the detox diet and how much I “went” on that diet, but, I haven’t “gone” on this diet yet.  I was going to take a laxative tonight, but it is a little late now, so my hope is that I go before I weigh in tomorrow morning.

I am curious to see how much weight is dropped even though I had that bad day – I know, I know, let it go, right?  I’m trying.

Off I go, can’t wait to see what the scale says in the morning!

3-Day Military Diet – Day 2

Good evening, all, I had a very good day today.  I am proud to say that I completed day 1 of the military diet, with no cheats whatsoever.

I feel great, and hope that I didn’t affect my results too badly with yesterdays unfortunate events.

For breakfast today I had a hard boiled egg on a slice of multi-grain bread, and half a banana.

For lunch I had a hard boiled egg, and 5 saltines along with 30g of cheddar instead of the cottage cheese, because I still haven’t gone shopping.

And for dinner, both me and my son had 2 hot dogs, 1 cup of broccoli, 1/2 cup of carrots, 1/2 a banana and 1/2 a cup of vanilla ice cream.

I did a little running around (I went out to buy the ice cream) and I even worked out for about 30 minutes tonight.

This was a much better day for me, tomorrow is the last day of this diet, wish me luck, Friday’s are tough!

Off I go, I need some rest to get off to a good start tomorrow!

Lemonade Detox Diet – Fail

I was debating whether or not I wanted to actually do a post today, I was up half night sitting on the throne, with a throbbing headache and decided that I couldn’t keep this up.  I feel like I failed but this diet is a hard one.  I might try it again at a later date, but for now, I only completed two days.  I weighed in this morning, and was 162.  I had lost 2 pounds in 2 days, you don’t know how much I wish I could have just stayed on this for the rest of my life, but I just couldn’t do it.

Today I started the 3-Day Military Diet and , I made some pretty lousy choices this afternoon,so it didn’t go well, I had a ton of cravings that I couldn’t hold off, and overall, it was just a bad day.

For breakfast I had 2 tablespoons of peanut butter on multi-grain bread, and I was supposed to have a half a grapefruit, but I didn’t have one so I went without, it also says to have a coffee with caffeine – I don’t drink caffeine – so again, I went without.

For lunch I was spot on, I had a can (well almost a full can) of tuna and a slice of multi-grain toast.  It is so hard to eat tuna dry without any mayo.

Then by late afternoon, my cravings set in and I couldn’t stop myself, I had a slice of my home made banana bread, a chocolate dipped granola bar, a small pack of mini Oreo’s, a couple spoonfuls of peanut butter and a banana.

Yup, you are reading that right..total and complete fail…on the bright side, I haven’t eaten anything since then, and I did work out for about an hour tonight to try make up for it, we will chalk it up to day 1 with some cheating and move on.

I don’t want to make any excuses, but I am wondering if today’s fail and the fail for the whole lemonade detox diet has to do with it being that special time of the month.  I seriously feel like crap, and today, I still have a bit of headache.  I normally don’t even get headaches, so this is weird for me.

I am going to try to sleep this off, and not make the rest of the week a train wreck like I would normally do, in fact, after a today, I would normally keep eating all the way into the evening and then binge until Sunday starting fresh on Monday.  Today I am going to take a stand, and say, I stopped eating (though some of you might think that I should have dinner), I worked out, and tomorrow I am going to continue with Day 2 of the Military Diet, I am also going to make an effort to pick up those things that I missing, and if I don’t get the chance, then I will make good substitutions and go from there.

Off I go, I need to put an end to this day.