Back To It

So, it’s been a really long time since I have been here.  I apologise, I was not in a good head space, and was not able to blog or get things out.  I’m also not done with letting things go, so I will get back to that soon too.

But today, I am going to update my weight and restart my journey.  I took a long hiatus, and now I am going to get back to it.

This summer I topped out at 175 pounds, this is higher than I have ever been, I hate myself for getting there.  Things hurt, I hate me, and I went to a very dark place.  I spent many weekends on my couch, just watching TV, napping, eating and drinking.  I would tell my friends who wanted to see me that I was busy, and I would sit there in the dark and hate me until I had to leave to pick up my son, or get up and go to work.  I put on a good face for the kids, and walked with them and did things with them, but once they weren’t here for a weekend or a night, I would lose myself in my darkness.

I am down to 172 pounds right now, and I am also down 3 inches in my waist.  It’s not great it’s only 3 pounds, but I’m getting there.

In September, I went to visit a very good friend of mine, Patti, the kids and I went down together, left Canada, and ventured into the US to meet this beautiful soul.  I am so grateful to her, she was the one that propelled me into starting my journey again.  In fact, it was because of her blog, that I am writing tonight.  With Patti’s positivity, she pulled me out of my depression.  She got me back on track and I will always be indebted to her for this.

When I was in the US visiting with Patti, she bought me a book, it’s called Always Hungry  written by Dr. David Ludwig.  I can’t thank her enough.  This is what I have been following for the last few weeks.  I have seen a change in the way I feel, I haven’t been craving the sweets, ice cream, chips and McDonalds that I usually crave.  I’m not counting calories, but I am following the plan the best I can.

I also started Zumba, I go two nights a week, and, I am terrible at it, but I love it.  Another friend of mine introduced me to it, I met her through work, I’m in outside sales, and I called on her so often that we became friends and now we do Zumba together!  🙂

I have also been trying to walk after dinner, with the weather getting colder and wetter lately, it’s not going great, but I do try.  I’m here for the long haul, I am going to try to keep this new way of living up as long as I can.  I need to do this, I need to change me and I want to continue feeling happier, and I want my body not to hurt anymore.

I’m back.


Atkin’s Diet – Summary

Atkin’s Diet – Summary

Good morning, I have to say, I am a little disappointed, I only lost 2 pounds on this diet.

Start Weight: 157

Today’s Weight: 155

Total Weight Loss:  2 measly pounds…

Final Summary:

Hunger:  Not typically hungry, as there aren’t any limits to what you can eat.

Convenience:  It can be easy, but there is some preparation, nothing is really grab and go, yesterday, I cooked steak in the morning and had it for breakfast, and lunch, because I ran out of eggs and tuna, but had I not taken the steak out, then I would have had to defrost some sort of protein.

Regularity:  First few days I was very constipated, however, I have been regular the best two mornings.

Variety:  You can eat pretty much any protein, and a variety of vegetables, and what you can have is unlimited, but it does lack carbs, sugar including fruits and dairy.

Overall Rating:  38/50 = 76%

Atkins lost points because of how constipated I was, but the diet is easy to follow and I believe that if you stay on it and make it a long term goal and part of your lifestyle, you will do well on this diet.  Most food is unlimited, so you shouldn’t be hungry, however,  you do need to have a little preparation for your meals.

I am going to continue this one today, and possibly tomorrow, outside of the drinking, and likely eating something full of carbs, I am going to do the best I can.

Tomorrow, I am invited to a baby shower, again, I will be trying to do the best I can, but because of my will power, I do let life get in the way.

Sunday, I will be on a new diet that will take me right up to Halloween, not sure what that one will be yet, but I will keep you posted!

Off I go, have to get the boy out of bed and me ready for work!

Atkin’s Diet – Day 5

Atkin’s Diet – Day 5

Today was a really good day, a really, really good day, I finally “went”  and feel so much better.

Also, I had steak for breakfast and lunch, and I went to a convention, I didn’t have anything to eat there, and I turned down half a Krispy Kreme donut at Costco, it really was a good day.

Breakfast:  Steak (1/2 of a strip loin)

Lunch:  Steak (the other half of the strip loin), cucumbers

Snack: Almonds

Dinner:  Thinly sliced beef, mushrooms and onions, fried – kind of Korean BBQ style, at my dad’s house – but I didn’t have any rice.

Tomorrow, I will continue this diet, but, I will be out for the night and drinking with my best friend.  So, I will do my weigh in and full summary tomorrow morning, today was a 10/10.

Off I go, need to take these contacts out of my eyes!