Great Week!

So, I had an awesome week, high-fives all around!!  I wasn’t expecting this week to be this good, even though, I did really well, seems like my hard work paid off.

My Starting Weight:  175

Weight for Last Blog: 169

Today’s Weight:  165.5

Weight Loss Since Last Blog: 3.5

Total Weight Loss:  9.5

I stayed on top of things and managed two workouts this week, I also stuck with 2 smoothies on most days – I bought frozen raspberries for my smoothies, and OMG are they ever good!  Just love it!

I was supposed to blog on Friday morning or evening, but with the course, and work, it was just too much, so my next blog will be early next week.  I would have normally gone with the Monday, but I think I should give it a little extra time to see if we can see some more weight loss, so I am going to aim for Tuesday.

My goal till then is to be down a full 10 pounds from my starting weight, and I will try to work out in this time frame, I am going to keep on counting calories, and hopefully keep up the weight loss at the same speed.

Gotta run, need to make a smoothie!


Down a Pound

Good evening, I meant to put this post in this morning, but I ran out of time before running a little late to everything!  🙂

My Starting Weight:  175

Weight for Last Blog: 170

Today’s Weight:  169

Weight Loss Since Last Blog: 1

Total Weight Loss:  6

So I am down a whole pound, which is great, but if you put it in context, the last time that I did a full weigh in it was the 9th of January, this is now the 18th of January, so from then till now, I dropped a pound.  That is a whole 9 days, doesn’t sound great, does it?

I had a great weekend, though, was taking a training course, so I took what I was eating, I had my smoothies and stayed within my calorie count for the day.

I only worked out on Friday but I have plans to work out tomorrow, and hoping to add more to that, with that said, I also need to take the time to study for the exam that I have to write on Sunday, so there won’t be a lot of working out this week.

My goal is to stay under 1200 calories every day, have my two smoothies, and exercise twice this week.  I will do my weigh in on Friday, possibly at night after my course, but I will try for the morning.

Until then, I will keep on keeping on!  🙂


New Plan

Hi All, been a while since I have been here, and let me tell you, it hasn’t been good, I put on a ton more weight and now, I am ready to take it off, but we are going to do things a little differently this time.  If you read my last post, it was 2 months ago, I needed a new plan, I wanted to be interesting, and well, I left and ate food.  I kept thinking about it and so I decided to start fresh and I went to a different blog site, I am not going to mention any names, but I’m not thrilled with it so I decided to come back to this site, but, I wanted to also put the blogs that I posted on the other site, on this site, so here they are in order:

December 27, 2015

In the past,  I have tried many diets, some healthy, and some, well, not so much.  I have tried pills, shakes, working out, fad diets, trendy diets, high protein, low carbs, low calorie, well, you get the point, I have tried it all, and to be honest, I am bigger than I have ever been in my whole life.

To give you a little history, I have always been overweight, I started gaining weight when I was around 7, and I was 120 pounds at 5’0 when I was 14.  At that time, I was only a little overweight, my family called me chubby, and really, I was always chubby.  About 10 years ago, I ballooned up and by the time I was 31 I was 163 pounds, that was my heaviest at that time, I went to LA Weight Loss, they had franchises here in Canada, but they don’t exist any more, and by the time I got married, I had dropped to 137 pounds, shortly thereafter, I had my son, and ballooned up again when I was pregnant, and when I was 34 I decided to make a difference, this time I counted calories, I stayed under 1200 calories every day and by the time we celebrated my 35th birthday, I was 119 pounds, pretty much the lowest I have ever been, then slowly over the years, I gained back the weight and balanced out at 130-135 in my late 30’s which was fine (though at the time, I was still unhappy) I know now that this was pretty good.  Then in 2013, my world changed again, I left my husband, and it was a very messy split up, and to begin with, I dropped about 15 pounds due to stress, but then shortly after, I started packing on the weight, it is now almost 3 years later, and I am up to 175 pounds, again, the most that I have ever been.  This time, I am determined to lose it.

I feel horrible most of the time, emotionally, physically and my health is deteriorating, I don’t have diabetes yet, I don’t think, but just going up and down my town house stairs takes a lot out of me these days.  I don’t exercise much and when I do, I am in pain for days, I eat all day, all the time, and not well, I eat huge amounts of chocolate, candy, chips, tarts, treats, snacks (not healthy ones), and many, many carbs, I know this is what I need to stop doing, but I am totally addicted to food.

I have started this blog, as I need to make a change, I need to feel better about me, and right now, I am spiralling down into an unhealthy, deep, dark space and in this space, I eat to make myself happy.

This Christmas, Santa brought me a Nutribullet, and I am determined to become more healthy, while drinking smoothies for weight loss, I don’t promise to blog everyday, but everyday that I do, I will update my weight, record my journey and hopefully get down to the bottom of my unhealthy eating.  I am also going to try to fit exercise in daily, but am not making any promises with that, I know that I need to, but I’d like to work on my diet and food intake to start with, because, as usual over the last 3 years, I am gung ho for 2-3 weeks on a diet, going full out, meal plans, exercise and well, what happens, it all goes down the crapper and only 5-6 pounds are lost, then I gain it all back and then some.  Don’t get me wrong, exercise is good, I know it is, but it is a matter of too much at once, for now, I am focusing on what I am eating, and if I have the energy to exercise that day, then I will.

If you stayed with me this long, thanks for reading, I am hoping that I can get some encouragement, and keep this up, I am hoping that this won’t last 2-3 weeks, I am hoping that this is a good healthy change, and that I will make a difference.

My current starting weight is:  175

My next blog will be on New Years Eve, my goals for then are to have exercised twice, have a smoothie for breakfast and lunch everyday, only healthy snacks, and a balanced dinner.

Wish me luck, and I’ll catch you up in a few days.

December 31, 2015

My Starting Weight:  175

Weight for Last Blog: 175

Today’s Weight:  169.5

Weight Loss Since Last Blog:  5.5

Total Weight Loss:  5.5

Last Weeks Goals:  Exercise 2 times, smoothie for breakfast and lunch each day, only healthy snacks, and a balanced dinner.

How the week actually went:  Exercise:  I did exercise 2 times since the last blog, I used the Insanity DVD’s I bought them years ago, and had completed the whole 9 week program, I didn’t really diet, but I did drop a dress size or 2 at the time as I recall, there wasn’t a significant weight loss, but I do recall feeling good.

Smoothies:  There was one day that instead of my lunch time smoothie, I did have a healthy lunch instead, it was leftover turkey from Christmas, stuffing and mashed potatoes, I know it could have been healthier, but I didn’t want to waste the food (that is really one of my bigger issues that I have to tackle, throwing out good food.)

Healthy Snacks:  I tried very hard to have healthy snacks, but some of that went down the drain, I am a chocoholic, and so every day I did have a small bowl of double chocolate ice cream, and I also had some chocolate orange wedges, I did snack on peanuts, and clementines as well as almonds, but from time to time, chocolate pass through my lips into my belly.

Balanced Dinner:  Dinners went well, I have Cook This Not That Cook Books and I used their Chicken Pot Pie recipe and made Turkey Pot Pie with the left over meat.  So there were plenty of vegetables, it is relatively low calorie, and satisfying.  I had that for two nights, the first night I did home made burgers, they were frozen patties, and this was probably not as balanced as it could be, but I am working on that.

Tonight, I am spending the night at a friends house for New Years Eve, I am a strong believer in not drinking and driving, so therefore, I am packed and my son and I will stay the night.  I am going to have a bit of a cheat night tonight, with drinking and snacking, but I am going to do my best to take it easy on the snacks, also, for the next day, I am going to try my best to stay healthy though for me, and I think most people, when you are a bit hung over, it is hard to stay healthy craving only bad things.

My next blog will be on Tuesday the 5th, and my goals for the next few days are going to be:

Exercise 2 times

2 Smoothies Everyday

Healthy Snacks Only

Balanced Dinners

After these next few days, things should get easier heading in to the new year, much less parties, getting back into the regular work week, and the regular swing of things.

January 5, 2016

Good day, since New Years Eve, I haven’t been doing great, but now that we are back in the swing of a regular work week, I feel that things are going to pick up and I hope to be down at least to where I was by next week.

My Starting Weight:  175

Weight for Last Blog: 169.5

Today’s Weight:  171.5

Weight Loss Since Last Blog:  none up 2

Total Weight Loss:  3.5

Last Weeks Goals:  Exercise 2 times, smoothie for breakfast and lunch each day, only healthy snacks, and a balanced dinner.

How the last 5 days actually went:  New Year’s Eve I did imbibe, but I was pretty good at my snacking, but then I was pretty hung over on New Year’s Day, and I started the day with a good breakfast of eggs, bacon, hash browns and toast, and then had McDonald’s for a late lunch and early dinner.  Lots of bad snacking happened that day.

I did work out on Saturday, and it felt good, but my snacking was not good today.  I did have two smoothies, but that was the only good part about today.  Then on Sunday, I did have both smoothies, but I didn’t work out, also snacking was my biggest issue, I felt the need to eat everything that I thought I couldn’t eat again because of the thought of dieting in my head.

Monday was a good day, I had both my smoothies, and snacking was down to a minimum, I did have a couple of gingerbread cookies, but they are almost gone – again, this is my mindset, I have to eat them rather than wasting them.  I did make some big strides though, I threw out all the rest of the cookies from our annual cookie swap, normally I would have eaten them all, but I did throw out what was left so that it wouldn’t tempt me, the only ones that I kept were the ones that I made myself which were the gingerbread.

My goals for the remainder of this week:  Exercise 2 times, 2 smoothies a day, small snacks or healthy snacks, continue to throw things out, and try not to eat after 7pm.  I’d like to update on Saturday morning.

I just have to keep remembering, weight loss is slow, I have to stay consistent, stay on track and I will see the results.

We’ll see how the rest of this week goes, and I’ll start putting how many pounds I want to be down before the next blog, but I don’t want to set myself up for failure, so let’s see how the rest of the week goes, one day at a time, right?

January 9, 2016

Good evening, this week was pretty good, however, today I had a bit of a downfall, I’ll do my explaining in a bit.

My Starting Weight:  175

Weight for Last Blog: 171.5

Today’s Weight:  170

Weight Loss Since Last Blog:  1.5

Total Weight Loss:  5

Last Weeks Goals:  Exercise 2 times, 2 smoothies a day, small snacks or healthy snacks, continue to throw things out, and try not to eat after 7pm.

Ok, so I didn’t get to update this morning, however, if I did this might have been a happier blog, today, I went to a Primerica Kick-Off downtown Toronto, and it was a really good time, we were told to bring snacks, and I brought a few healthy ones to share with people as well.  My good friend, brought some unhealthy snacks, and well, if you know me, you know that I thanked her and ate them all…Then when I got home I had leftovers, which was fine, but then I got into chocolates, lots of them, and just sat on the couch and at them, wasn’t even hungry, just ate them anyway…Yup, but I did start off with my smoothie this morning, so let’s go over the rest of the goals:

I did not exercise once this week, however, on Friday I got quite the work out, I cleaned houses and man, I found muscles in my body that I have never used!  🙂  So I consider that a workout and half!

I did have 2 smoothies all week, and a relatively healthy meal most nights, some days I had snacks, that were not terribly healthy, but other days, I had relatively healthy snacks, this week I am going to try harder with this goal.

I did throw things out this week, I threw out some cookies, the last bit of chocolate my son didn’t eat – believe it or not this is a big one, it was a star wars chocolate from Christmas, and he left about a quarter of it, and normally, I would have just popped it in my mouth, but I didn’t, I threw it out.

This week, I have some new goals, I am aiming to be down a full 2 pounds this week, I want to Exercise 2 times from now till Wednesday, I am going to continue to have 2 smoothies and only healthy snacks and balanced meals.  I plan on blogging on Wednesday with some results and hope to be down a full pound by then.

Thanks for reading, I am going to try to keep things interesting for you and above all, I am going to try and stay on track, for me.  2016 is going to be a selfish year, where I will work on making me better.